Be sure to find a Santa Monica church that invests in the community around it.

http://www.calvarypalisades.orgOne of the core principles of Christianity is the belief of charity.  In other words, people who identify as Christian usually believe that one of the most important things they can is help the people around them.  This type of help can come in many ways, from helping someone find a job to providing food and money for people living on the streets.  Most churches collect offerings at their service, and once they have paid the people that work for the church, they use the money they collect to help out charities and organizations all around the world.  No one church or individual can solve all of the problems in the world by themselves, but each church and individual can contribute to help make the world a better place for everyone living in it.

With this in mind, if you live in Santa Monica, it’s crucial you find a Santa Monica church that invests in the community around it.  The reasons for this are numerous.  First off, it adheres to the central Christian teaching outlined above.  It is important for those with more to help out those with less, when they can.  Churches that invest in the communities around them care about people other than themselves, which is a great trait to have.  Second, it strengthens the community the church is in.  If the church is using some of their money to better the community around them, either by donating money or time at the local soup kitchen or by helping the local recreation center raise enough money to create a play space for young children, they are strengthening the community.  They are making it a place where people work together, where everyone has what they need, and where safety is much higher.  The strength of a community lies in the members of that community, and churches are often the central point.

An example of a Christian church Santa Monica that understands this is Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades.  They understand that their church, and its mission of love and understanding, is only as strong as the community it resides in.  For this reason, they started a ministry within their church that is dedicated to outreach and connection with the community around them.  They call this ministry their outreach ministry.  Its stated purpose is to be the hands and feet of Christ in the community.  They look to engage with people in the community about the work the church is doing and how people can help if they want to.  Ultimately, simply engaging with the community can be enough to strengthen the sense of community between the church and the greater community around it.  Simply talking with people, discussing their fears and needs, is a great first step to building a lasting relationship with them.  They also hold Palisades Outreach Day where their goal is to provide tangible benefits to organizations in the area, such as the local YMCA.  On top of community building, they look to provide items, money, and more to people in the community who need it.



What is a Weed Club?

weed clubWhat is a Weed Club? That is a great question. Aside from something that you definitely want to be a member of, a Weed Club is a great way to save you some money during your next visit to the recreational marijuana dispensary. We all know that you borrowed that money from your mom and are no doubt telling her that you are using said money to buy “school supplies”. And I guess if you are buying marijuana, you could count that as school supplies. Anyway, why wouldn’t you want to save some extra dollars during your next visit to the dispensary? With that extra cash you can buy more snacks, which we all know that you will be needing based on the amount of money you just dropped at your local marijuana dispensary. Thankfully, when you become a member of a Weed Club you can receive daily deals and coupons at your favorite dispensaries. How could it get any better than that?! Believe it or not, it does get better.

With the huge influx of recreational marijuana dispensaries after January of 2014, there seems to be quite a bit of competition out there between dispensaries. With such stiff competition between dispensaries it is no surprise that they have come up with ways to ensure repeat customers in order to keep their business rolling, pun intended. The main way that dispensaries are doing this is through offering marijuana deals and coupons. This is a win-win for everyone; dispensaries get more business and you get to a sweet deal on your “school supplies”!

The best way to find marijuana deals and coupons is through a marijuana app. A marijuana app is an app that you download on your smart phone that can provide you with tons of valuable information about the dispensaries in your area. Not only can you find the recreational marijuana dispensary that is closest to your current location, but your smart phone will also give you directions. And let’s be honest, you are probably too stoned to figure out how to get there on your own, so this app can be really helpful. In addition, a marijuana app can also give you information about what specific strands each dispensary is carrying at any given time. With the app you can also compare prices and see which dispensaries are offering special deals or coupons that day. You can also read reviews from other customers and get lots of other great information that can help you to find the best dispensary to meet your marijuana needs.

With so many recreational marijuana dispensaries out there to choose from it is important that you do your research to make sure that you are getting the best deals out there. Canna Cash is a company that has developed a great marijuana app to help make your selection process as easy and stress free as possible. Check out their website, www.cannacash.com, for more information or go to your app store to download their app today!



Among the most sought after window covering on the market today we have a whole list of new styles that have begun to appear thanks to the smaller independent window coverings designers. Since the late90’s a lot of small businesses have started to produce their own artisanal window coverings and that has made a big impact on the industry from the bottom to the top. The more hand crafted designs really made their presence felt in Colorado before any other place. Perhaps it is because Colorado has a long tradition of small batch, hand crafted goods. The more ambitious designers started to just make their own window covering from materials that fit their needs perfectly and over time these styles were picked up by the larger companies and made into international hits.

Plantation shutters constructed with recycled materials are one of the most prominent styles to immerge from the independent shutter designers. The original look was a mix between the traditional plantation shutter and a new age simple paper look. The designers took the plantation design, which provides for an excellent system for shutters and added a simple paper material which was made from recycled paper goods, to give it a more hip look. The designs really took off and it was not long before all the largest companies in the industry were producing their own version of these window coverings. This more rustic look also transformed into similar spin offs being produced for curtains that are made from cotton but which appear to have an almost paper like look to them. The concept of homemade really did well and continues to be a hot item today.

Glass blinds for windows. Designers have always played with the concept of different materials with which to make blinds. A small company outside of Boulder, Colorado started to manufacture blinds made from glass and the idea caught fire. While glass is not the most likely candidate for a window coverings material, it did cause a lot of talk in the designer circles. The magic behind the glass blinds is the way that they transform the light that passes through them. Designers noticed that glass blinds could be made with a huge range of different colors and that those colors would be magnified by the light and change the whole color and feeling of a room. The other big selling point for glass blinds were their exclusiveness. Since glass is more expensive and harder to work with than many other materials, the price of the glass blinds was significantly higher and the more affluent home owners began to ask for the glass blinds all over the state. Today, most manufactures have stopped making glass blinds from actual glass but instead from a high quality plastic product that looks just like glass and transform the light in a room in much the same way. Making blinds from glass was just too much of a headache when it came to shipping and the lengths that had to be gone for safety issues.


It’s worth the time to search for the best diamond distributor

Time and time again owners of jewelry stores have the same complaints. Their customers want very specific things and they do not have them in stock. These days customers have many specific needs. They want special cuts on their diamonds. They want certain special colors for their gems. That does not even touch on the idea that they still have a certain price range and prefer a specific grade or size of their diamond. And to be fair, most often these customers are paying a lot of money for their diamonds and usually they are being purchased for a very significant moment in their lives. They deserve exactly what they want. So what does a business owner do when they have a customer ready willing and able to purchase their diamonds from them, but the specific gem they are hoping for is not a cut or color they carry. They lose a customer is what happens. Customers who are ready to make such a large purchase deserve every check box on their list to be ticked, and if the jewelry store they are visiting cannot provide them with what they want, the can and should shop elsewhere.

So the advice of this author is for everyone out there who owns a jewelry store to find a reliable and hard working diamond distributor that can provide you and your customers with everything you need and more. Take this advice, there actually are diamond distributors out there who can provide your business with the diamonds you want and need to please even the pickiest of customers. If you do your research and find a reliable diamond distributor, please make sure they have a large quantity of diverse sizes, cuts, grades and colors and are ready willing and able to fulfill your order at the drop of the hat. Do some investigating. Call the diamond distributor and see if they are willing to answer diamondsyour questions about possible upcoming problems your jewelry store could run into (or if you can even get a person on the line in the first place.) If the diamond distribution company you call is unwilling or unable to answer your questions, take this as a solid red flag that this is not the distributor you want to be working with for the future. Check references and look at online reviews. Simple things like checking Yelp and asking around for word of mouth suggestions for diamond distributors can go a really long way towards solidifying a positive relationship with your diamond distributor. It really is worth it to put in a bit more leg work in the beginning to assure that your diamond distributor is the one you and your business will have years and years from now. Do not be like many other businesses that have already failed, and just go with the first distributor that pops up on your google search. Do the work. It will pay off. If you put in this work early on, you and your company will have less headaches in the future and more happy customers.


The Benefits of SSL Certificates for Your Business Webpage

Security is a very important part of building your website. After all, if you create a website that is not secure, all you are doing is wasting your time, efforts, and money. When you have an insecure website, especially as a business, your website is subject to attack by all sorts of online predators. Without an SSL certificate, you stand the chance of having http://www.name.com/sslyour website hacked at every turn. Every time someone submits secure information on your website, you will worry that their information will be stolen through some kind of internet hacker scandal. You cannot afford for this to happen; one poor move and you will end up with an online reputation that is shot and no customers will feel comfortable working with you online. And, as your website design and web presence has a lot to do with how you are perceived by customers, this could deal a tremendous blow to your business. Instead of waiting until something bad happens to get set up with the right security, start your website off right with an SSL certificate for your website. This way when your customers start visiting your website, there will be no question in anyone’s mind about the security of the site and whether their information will be safe. When you get an SSL certificate from Name.com, you know that you are getting the best SSL certificate in the industry. They are truly able to provide you with the very best security options out there, and their SSL certificates have been shown to increase ecommerce as well as increase the trust your customers have in your business. Here is a list of reasons you should use an SSL certificate for your website in order to protect yourself and your customers:

1. Secure Online Credit Card Transactions: If you are selling anything on your website or have any space on your website at all for a customer to use their credit card information, then you simply must have an SSL certificate. Very few customers these days will enter their credit card information into your website unless you have the tell tale “https://” prefix on your site.

2. Protecting login information and forms: Whether you are a political organization looking for people to fill out their information in a petition or if you are registering someone for a doctor’s appointment via your website, the information that people put down is not information that they want the whole world to see. They are trusting you with this information, and no one else. Respect the trust your customers and supporters put in you through securing their information with an SSL.

3. Secure file sharing: Whether you are working in a corporate file sharing environment or you are simply working through a cloud based or ftp platform, the files that are passed along should be kept as safe as possible. This is another important reason for you to utilize an SSL certificate: to keep these files as safe and secure as possible. Whether they are sensitive documents or simply a photo, this information is not meant for public consumption and should be kept safe between the intended parties.


Extra storage – shipping containers

There are many ways to get extra storage for your home or business, but only a few ways that are economically friendly and also give large amounts of storage for the cost. There are a few of the best methods for obtaining large amounts of storage for a smaller cost, and we have listed out several of them below, but the best option for large storage space and lower cost is certainly using shipping containers. They are easy to obtain, and much cheaper for the square footage than other options. shipping containerBut as a full shipping container may not work for every need and space, they can take up more room than many residences have available, so we have listed a few other storage options below as well. But there is a great way to get extra storage for your needs for less, it isn’t only relegated to those who can purchase a bigger home or can afford to have a new building on their property erected for an additional storage space.

1. Shipping Container. As mentioned above, a shipping container is the best, cheapest, and most convenient option for additional storage in your home or business. Shipping containers are not fancy, they already exist and have been used in other industries and parts of the world. They are easily shipped to the location where the storage is needed, as they were created to be shipped easily. Not only that, but since they are reused and repurposed, they are much cheaper than something purchased new. They may not come with insulation, but depending on the needs for the storage, they can be insulated to keep out the winter cold or the wet from the spring. The end is a complete door that opens fully or only half, depending on the need. And as mentioned before, they are cheaper than other newly built storage options. The shipping container is one of the most versatile and easily accessed storage options that exists.

2. Pre-Fabricated Shed. These are the second in line when it comes to cost and ease of shipping and installation. Sheds that are pre-fabricated are easily purchased online or from any big box retailer, and though they may be more expensive than shipping containers that are repurposed after a lifetime of shipping freight around the world, the pre-fabricated storage shed can also be had affordably and easily. There is not much more to a pre-fabricated shed than what you will get in a shipping container. They are often not insulated, and can be easily moved or shifted to the proper place on the property. There are benefits if you have a smaller space or need a very odd shaped storage shed, as these can be more easily accommodated through this method instead of the shipping container.

3. Garage. Those who have the resources and the space to add a garage to their house would maybe be better served by that option. Though they are more expensive and take longer to build and install, if the requirement is that the new storage is attached to the house, this would be the option.


Athlete Peyton Manning’s commercial endorsements are hilarious

athlete endorsementsPeyton Manning is a pro-football player. He is a well-known quarterback in the NFL. He began his professional career as a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and played for them from 1998 to 2010. In 2011, he had two neck surgeries that kept him out of commission for the entire 2011 NFL football season. By 2012, he could play again was picked up by the Denver Broncos.

Peyton Manning has three Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win. In 2009, he received the title of the best player in the NFL. He has also been named the best player of a decade by Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated magazine. Peyton Manning is also married to his college sweetheart and has two children. Despite all of these accomplishments, it is arguable that some of Peyton Manning’s most prominent accomplishments are his hilarious celebrity commercial endorsements.

Peyton Manning, over the years of his professional career, has produced many hilarious commercials for products that he endorses. He has found a way as an athlete to take celebrity endorsements to a whole new hilarious level. Some of his top commercial endorsements include:

  1. MasterCard. Peyton Manning endorsed MasterCard and was in a commercial for their ‘priceless’ campaign. In the commercial, they list things breaking or spilling, such as a piano falling out of a moving truck. It ends with a newspaper flying through Peyton’s window and he is waving to the kid who threw it.
  2. ESPN. Peyton comes from a football family. His dad Archie played in the NFL and his younger brother, Eli, is a quarterback for the New York Giants and holds two Super Bowl wins. This commercial for ESPN films the family and shows Peyton and Eli being boys. At one point, one of them kicks the other after giving a wet willie in the ear.
  3. Gatorade. In a Gatorade commercial, a gas station attendant won’t sell a hungover girl Gatorade because she isn’t sweating. Peyton comes out as the manager and makes her do yoga until she starts to sweat before she is allowed to buy the Gatorade.
  4. Fantasy Football. The Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton, make a rap about Fantasy Football, and sing it in a commercial advertising for fantasy football. The commercial shows them in suits, on the field, and girls dancing in the background. It is pretty fly, for a bunch of white guys.
  5. Nerf. Peyton shoots a commercial on the football field with a Nerf football. He launches it in front of cameras and everyone talks about how far it went. He mentions how it is because he is a pro and that is why he can throw it so far. A little kid picks it up and launches it back at the same distance.

Peyton Manning has mastered the art of athlete endorsements because he makes them very funny without being cheesy. He is an excellent athlete but an even better commercial actor! It is always interesting to see what new and exciting product he will endorse yet but better yet, what the commercial will look like.


The many reasons you might need to buy a ranch

At Mason Morse Ranch Company, you can find the ranch of your dreams. You might want to choose using this company to find your next ranch because it has listings for ranches for sale in Colorado, Texas, Montana, and Oregon. There are many different reasons why you might need to buy a ranch and find that ranch using the Mason Morse Ranch Company. Ranches for sale

1. You want to get out of the city. Perhaps you have been living in the city and have grown weary of sitting in traffic. A ranch may be the perfect getaway as a permanent escape from the city. On a ranch, you will not have any of the smog that you face in the city and you can breathe in fresh air every single day.

2. You have been working on a ranch and want to own your own ranch. You may choose to seek out ranches for sale because you have been working on one and have saved up for a ranch of your own. By working on a ranch, you already understand how to raise livestock and slaughter your own meat. You have been farming and growing crops for your livestock on someone else’s ranch and are ready to start your own business.

3. You want to help others eat healthy. You may choose to purchase a ranch because you are interested in raising grass-fed cattle and free-range chickens so that you can provide people with healthier meat alternatives then conventional meats. Owning a ranch will provide you with the space and ability to create these healthier options for people.

4. You want to get back to your roots. You may want to purchase a ranch so you can get back to your roots, meaning you want to live off the land and grow your own food. On a ranch, you can maintain your needs by raising your own meat, growing your own vegetables and milking your own cows. This gives you the opportunity to produce healthy and organic food on your own without having to rely on larger companies. You will also reduce your carbon footprint this way since you will be obtaining all or most of your food on your ranch.

5. You are nostalgic. You want to live in the historical aspect of being a real life Western rancher. The idea and dream of owning your own livestock has been a dream for a long time and you want to bring that to reality.

6. You want to open a dude ranch. Another reason to purchase a ranch is to open a dude ranch. A dude ranch is a ranch that is open to paying guests. By having a dude ranch, guests can come and stay on the ranch and experience what being on a ranch entails. You can host family rodeos, horse back riding lessons and guided hunting.

As you can see, there are many different reasons as to why you want to purchase a ranch. Ranches are quite popular in the western half of the United States since there is a lot of open sprawling land. So give Mason and Morse Ranch Company a call to find the best ranch for your needs.



2 Main Advantages of Steel Buildings over Wooden Ones

Nowadays, constructing steel buildings have become more and more popular as compared to putting up wooden buildings. More than a hundred years ago, wood was always the choice when putting up structures. This was because wood was not just less expensive but was easily available. It was also around this period that building owners where the ones who designed it. Even with the availability of steel buildings a number of people continue to prefer to use wood. This is because they continue to cling to the notion that wood is not just cheaper but easier to use than steel. These views may be true in some cases but as we have seen lately, steel buildings are in fact more effective and efficient to construct. Below we discuss the two main advantages of using steel components over wood.

  1. Structural Integrity and Strength

Components used for steel buildings follow strict standards. This is especially true especially in pre-fabricated or pre-engineered types. Companies that offer these services like General Steel ensure that each part of your building meets industry standards. Depending on the type of building you want, the components are manufactured in such a way that it meets the necessary load criteria. Thus if you were going to use it for storage or for business then you will need different load types and the companies you contract will do the necessary changes. If done properly this type of building has been known to withstand different extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. Unlike wood, steel does not warp, shrink or even decay.

  1. Costs

First let us look at the construction phase. Since each part is made to match the others it is easy to assemble. Each of the different pieces is labelled in a way that it is easy to identify and put together. Of course if you do not want to do it yourself, you can always hire contractors like General Steel but even then it is still cheaper than using wood. Maintenance-wise, steel rarely needs to be replaced or repaired. Even if it does, many steel manufacturers give long warranties ensuring that you need not spend that much. Steel also does not degrade thus it will remain there as long as you use the building. Some owners treat wooden posts to lengthen its lifespan. This is a good way to prolong the life of wooden materials however it can be dangerous to animals like livestock.

Another concern when it comes to cost is the foundation. There are those who say that putting steel buildings require concrete foundation thus increasing the cost. However you do not need full slabs but just what is known as concrete piers to ensure the stability of the structure.

Note that these are simply two of the main advantages of using steel over wood. There are other such advantages like being more economical and even more environment friendly. If you want to know more about the advantages of steel, go to General Steel or visit their website at www.gensteel.com.



The top 10 things to look for in a plumbing company.

http://www.papaliaplumbing.com/When you have an issue with your plumbing system, you know it immediately.  It could be that water starting backing up in your kitchen or bathroom sink, or that when you flushed the toilet the water didn’t go down but instead came rushing back at you.  In extreme cases, it could be that a pipe has broken in your walls and water is flooding a particular region of your home.  When issues like this happen, it is best to call a professional plumbing company, for they will be able to identify and resolve the issue quickly, keeping your home from being damaged further.  However, choosing the right company can be difficult.  Here are the top ten things to look for in a plumbing company.

1.  Experienced. The first thing to look for in a professional plumbing company is experience.  The longer they have worked in the industry, the more they have seen, and the better-equipped they will be to solve any and all plumbing issues.  Also, the longer they have been around, the more likely they are to provide quality service, because companies don’t last multiple years without being good at their jobs.

2.  Variety of services/expertise.  It is also important to find a plumbing company that offers a wide variety of services.  This way, you can be sure that no matter the particular plumbing issue you have, they will be able to resolve it.  For example, drain cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent problems from ever happening, but not all plumbing companies are experts in this field.

3.  Educated.  It is also crucial to find a well-educated company.  Plumbing changes over time, so you need to be sure to find a company that understands numerous plumbing systems.

4.  Transparent.  Companies that are transparent, both about the work they have done in the past and their costs, are typically prouder of the work they do.

5.  Affordable.  Plumbing isn’t always cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune getting issues resolved.  Find a company that is affordable.

6.  Punctual.  Your time is important to you, which is why it is so important to find a company that will show up when they say they are going to.

7.  Easy to contact.  Companies that don’t answer their phones, return messages, or reply to emails, are companies you should absolutely stay away from.

8.  Specials.  It is always a great idea to find a particular company that offers specials.  Specials allow you to get the type of plumbing work you need done at a great rate.

9.  24/7 Emergency service.  Plumbing issues can happen at anytime.  You don’t plan on having a pipe burst, it just happens.  Therefore, it is vital to find a company that offers 24/7 hour emergency service, so that when you need them they’ll be there.

10.  Reliable.  Finally, find a company that is reliable, that shows up when they say they will and that gets back to you in a timely manner.

A fantastic plumber in the Boston Metro West area is Papalia Plumbing and Heating.  They understand how important it is to get the job done right, and they’ll take the necessary time to do.